Saturday, February 9, 2013

A very wise friend shared a wonderful idea for legislators who are seriously considering allowing guns on campuses, in churches and such

 Something happened in the Public Radio station operated by the University of Arkansas on February 8 that totally blew my mind.
A student brought a gun into the station on February 8 and it accidently discharged, wounding him. Here is a link to a local TV broadcast:

Before this incident, one of our local state legislators had introduced legislation that would permit the carrying of concealed guns on campus. My fear is that it might undermine existing law enforcement and now I wonder about things like this – apparently a pure accident.

My thought at this point is that instead of trying out this experiment on the 25,000 of us associated with the campus, maybe the legislators should first make it legal to carry concealed weapons in the House and Senate chambers at Little Rock. They could try it out there for a while BEFORE experimenting on the rest of us. 

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Anonymous said...

I think that is an excellent idea. I am disgusted with the whole bunch in the Legislature, including Mike Beebe, for going along with all these insane ideas. I have a petition I am trying to get support for to stop the War On Women. I am including a link to this position. I need more signatures to advance this to another level!
Help me if you feel the same!

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