Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Minutes of September 2009 meeting of senior democrats of Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas Senior Democrats
September 15, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Note: Corrections to the August 2009 minutes "Members of the Gridiron cast were introduced by Kathryn Shryl: Kim Morton, Rusty Turner, and Emily Katz." Correct spelling is "Katherine Shurlds, Kim Martin, ...Emily Kaitz."

The meeting was held at the Western Sizzlin' restaurant in Springdale, Arkansas.

President, Nancy Goliff, thanked Bonnie Cook for all her help with the media.

Bonnie introduced the guests: Jan Judy, Uvalde Lindsey, Mark Henry representing Courtney Henry, Julia Haak (?) and associates Kelly and Zach., Mike Hathorn, Beth Storey Bryant-judge candidate, Steve Zega-judicial candidate, Fred Leding, Bill Ramsey, Don Marr-Fayetteville mayor's office and a representative from the Springdale mayor's office.

Amy Wilson introduced Theresa Marks, Director of the AR State Environmental office. She was appointed by Governor Beebe and previously worked in the Arkansas Attorney General’s office. She was appointed in 2007. The mission of the agency is to restore the natural environment for the well being of all Arkansans. The regulatory agency handles appeals. It occupies the first green building in North Little Rock. It also covers areas of air, land and water issues. It covers areas of field work, office management and community out reach. Its authority pertains to laws passed at state and federal level, most federal programs delegated from U.S. environmental protection agency and regulations approved by state pollution control and ecology commission. It also permits race tracks. In regard to public hearings, there is a 30 day notice period. It is governed by the Clean Water Act of 1972. The agency handles water issues in regard to domestic water supply, fisheries, primary control recreation, and extraordinary resource waters. In regard to question about gravel removal, it is prohibited unless it is done on your own property or you have an issues waiver from a county judge. The agency must compose an Impaired Water Body List, i.e. Illinois River impaired for sediment. Water quality criteria-one size does not fit all-must stay in compliance with 303(d) Impaired Water List and TMDL-restoration plan. Phosphorous levels effects are algae blooms, low oxygen which results in fish kills. Oklahoma's regulation impact Arkansas. Area growth contributes to phosphorous levels. A cross borders study to be in future involve-ing Arkansas and Oklahoma. The meeting was opened to questions and answers.

Nancy reminded those that had local school board elections to be sure to vote today.

John Brummett will be the speaker in October.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Myra Moran, Secretary

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Senior Democrats meeting minutes from August: Next meeting noon Tuesday September 15

Sr. Democrats Aug minutes
From: Nancy Goliff (
Sent: Sat 9/12/09 10:15 PM
Minutes of Northwest Arkansas Senior Democrats August Meeting

The meeting was held at the Western Sizzlin' restaurant in Springdale, Arkansas.

Vice President, David Hart, called the meeting to order. President, Nancy Goliff, is out of town. He turned the meeting over to Bonnie Cook. She introduced guests Doris Tate, candidate for Secretary of State, Missy Kincaid, Jan Judy, Sheriff Tim Helder and Fayetteville mayor Jordan. Shirley Brown of the County Clerk's office, County Clerk Karen Combs, Judge Marilyn Edwards, Linda Pinkins, Bella Vista, Charles Duell, Rusty Turner, Kathy Spann, Bill Ramsey, Representative Uvalde Lindsey, Representative Jim House and Diane Bryant.

Members of the Gridiron cast were introduced by Kathryn Shryl: Kim Morton, Rusty Turner, and Emily Katz. The Gridiron is an annual event presented by local journalists who write and perform. They sang songs from past years performances. The AAUW (American Association of University Women) also sponsors the event and has for the last six years. The event is held at the Rogers Little Theatre who is also a co-sponsor. Some of the titles of the skits were "Too funny to Fail” Gas Prices, Presidential race-Obama and Clinton, Sarah Palen, Hilary Clinton. The event is October 2 and 3 and cost is $25.00 for general seating. Food is available before the show and during intermission. There is a cash bar. Ads are for sale in the playbill.

Bonnie introduced Doris Tate from Fort Smith. She is a candidate for Secretary of State and has been the Sebastian County Clerk and Recorder for nineteen years.

Berta Seitz, treasurer, reported a club balance of $2,787.29.

Representative Uvalde Lindsey reported on the Governor's Health Initiative Tobacco Tax. He emphasized three main areas: (1) AR KIDS-first insurance program. 70,000 uninsured children in state. (2) Community Health Clinic (CHC) insurance for non holders-expanding in Rogers and Siloam Springs, 42,000 clients last year. 60% without insurance. Kathy Grisham is the director. (3) Department of Health-add new physicians. Seven million over two years. A university medical center to be located in Northwest Arkansas to train doctors in area. l.5 million for autism, 10 million for senior centers, also to service breast and cervical cancer. Also, factors considered are trauma centers, foster care-grandparents rights, adoptive services, achievement gap in education. Representative Jim House who worked with Rep. Lindsey in the state legislature thanked him for his presentation. The floor was open to questions and answers.

Next month's speaker will be Theresa Marks.

Dick Bennett brought a petition to be signed regarding Nuclear Disarmament.

There were two new members. The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Myra Moran, Secretary