Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Party for Uvalde Lindsey Thursday evening November 8, 2011

Because Representative Lindsey is such a wonderful Representative and we know he will be an excellent Senator, I want to also provide you with some written directions to his Christmas Event which is tomorrow night (December 8th--Thursday) from 5:30 to 7 p.m.  I believe that map I sent will work.

Here is a little more to add; Turn off 71 and go down Township. Turn right at Meeks Lumber Company--take the road on the left that goes towards Tontitown--Follow that road to where the car dealership is--now what Uvalde added-- Going north from the stop light in front of Sam's and the Honda Dealership, it is 2.6 miles to Clear Creek Boulevard, the road turns up the hill next door to the Blessings Country Club gate house.  Go up the hill for 7/10s of a mile to St. Andrews Drive (just past a stop sign for the golf cart crossing) and turn left.  The Bolding house is at the bottom of the hill.
Help--If you have Mary and and Eddie Yancey's email or phone number, please send it to me. Thanks.

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