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Minutes of February 16, 2010, meeting of Senior Democrats

Northwest Arkansas Senior Democrats
February 16, 2010 Minutes
Western Sizzlin', Springdale, AR.

         Vice Pres., Berta Seitz opened the meeting at 12 noon & presided in the absence of Pres., Nancy Goliff, & introduced the judicial candidates. 
         Beth Storey-Bryan, candidate for judge in 5th Div., said her petition placed her on the ballot according to AR Sec. of State's office.  She is running because she feels public service is a high calling & also to protect children when engulfed in a legal situation.       
        Marti (Marsha) Woodruff is also a candidate for the 5th Div. post. She said that ideas of justice began early. She is also Pres. of the Fayetteville Library Foundation.  Her specialty is adoption & automobile cases especially as a trial lawyer. She also speaks fluent Spanish.       
        Greg Carson is a candidate for Div. 7 Circuit Judge. His emphasis will be on legal & judicial work, ethics, & integrity. He has 30 years of law experience & was appointed Circuit Judge by Gov. Beebe.           
        Steve Vega, also a candidate for Div. 7 in the 4th Judicial Dist. said he wanted to be a judge as he is a public servant & patriot who happens to be a lawyer.  He feels that the Bill of Rights was important to the framers of the Constitution & that the voters should study the resumes of candidates.   He has served on Washington Co. Quorum Court & was named Volunteer Lawyer of the Year in AR twice.  He listed 4 areas of his experience, (1) Nineteen years as baseball umpire, (2)Fifteen years as country lawyer, (3) Believes in legal system & (4) He feels lucky because he can practice in AR & OK.
        Charles Duvell of Fayetteville said he had 24 years of practice & had led a "law & order" type life. His legal career has covered 3 areas: (1) Prosecutor involving women & children cases & worked as moderator in such cases (2) Clerk in Benton Co. & Ft. Smith & (3) 9 years as Public Defender in Benton Co. His private practice has been in Ft. Smith & Fayetteville.  He emphasized that the duties of this court have not been decided. A new court is needed.        
        Joanna Taylor, Dist. Judge candidate from Madison Co. She has 16 years general practice experience. She served as Deputy Prosecutor in Carroll Co., ruled in 6,000 cases. She said 'courts do not belong to individual judges, they belong to the litigants.  The judge only presides & job is to apply law to facts at hand & see that justice prevails. She said people often have problems & want someone to apply law to their problems & hopefully will be better off in the future. She served on Dist. Judges Educational & Legislative Counsel for 3 years.     
       Berta thanked everyone for their participation.
       David Hart, Treasurer said that there is $4,091.97 in the treasury.  74 people attended with 3 guests, Keith & LaVerne Cooper & Deb Sexton.

The minutes of last month's meeting were approved.    

Berta announced that on March 9, at 5:30 p.m., the AAUW will sponsor a political forum at the Fayetteville Library.   

The meeting was dismissed at 12:51.    
Myra Moran, Secretary

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